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We have built a network of highly capable construction partners to support the delivery of our land and build packaged deals for registered providers.

Our construction partners value working with V10 because of our approach to collaboration, responsible development practices and the great outcomes we can achieve for our clients.

How we work with contractors

V10 takes up the lead developer role, working closely with our contracting partners to de-risk sites. We concentrate on the below ground ‘abnormals’ that can prevent a project from being viable.

On appointing the design consultants, we work in-depth with our contracting partner to brainstorm all aspects of the developing design, while embarking on a value engineering review for each project.

It’s this ethos which has unlocked many challenging ventures for clients and stakeholders alike. We are able to work within tightly constrained delivery budgets and regularly make projects viable by providing solutions to optimise:

  • Site logistics
  • Build programming
  • Demolition and remediation operations
  • Cut and fill earthworks
  • Cart off and material management
  • Efficient SUDS strategies
  • Cost effective foundation solutions
  • Provision of new service mains and connections
  • External materials options
  • Specification refinement

Benefits for contractors in working with V10

Collaborating with V10 has provided many of our contractor partners with rewarding results. Working openly and in close unison with our delivery team has led to our contractor partners securing repeat business through V10 while enjoying the benefits of:

  • A reduction in man hours estimating projects
  • An increase in their turnover and profit
  • Being able to expand their operational area
  • Strategic growth via new regional offices
  • Continuity of opportunities for their workforce and supply chain
  • Minimising their risk on unknowns
  • Maintaining margins
  • Being able to give our RP clients fixed cost certainty
contractor testimonial

“Working with the V10 team was a real pleasure. Their professionalism when coordinating the entire acquisition and build contract to completion has been exemplary.”

Phil Brown

Head of Construction, E J Taylor & Sons Ltd

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